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Ceramic tile offers timeless beauty, extraordinary durability, and unlimited design possibilities.

At Ketter’s Flooring, we offer a premium selection of ceramic, natural stone and porcelain tiles. With hundreds of distinctive colors, shapes and sizes, the design and pattern options are endless. Our designers and installers work together to bring your vision to life. Each step of the process is considered for overall design and durability. Floor prep, slip resistance, transitions and room usage are all considered when determining the ideal solution. In both residential and commercial spaces, our friendly staff can help you select the perfect tile for you interior design needs.

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Overview of Tiling

Glazed Tile

Most of the common ceramic floor tiles have either a glazed, or unglazed surface. The glazed tiles have a special ceramic coating that is applied to the body of the tile and then fired under tremendous heat. The glazing becomes hard and non-porous resulting in flooring that is:

  • Stain Resistant
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Fire Resistant
  • Doesn’t Fade from Sun Light
  • Easy to Clean

Unglazed Tile

There is no glazing or any other coating applied to these tiles. Because these tiles are porous it is recommended that a special penetrating sealant be used to maintain this type of floors and to help prevent stains from seeping into the pores of the tiles. Their color is the same on the face of the tile as it is on the back resulting in very durable tiles that do not show the effects of heavy traffic.

Some of the other important things we can help with when selecting a tile floor is the slip-resistance, the size and color of the grout joints, the thickness of the tile, height variations from room to room, size of the tile, suitability of the subfloor, and cleaning of the tile.

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