Embrace the after-holiday flooring challenge

Fuss and excitement mark our festive holidays. However, the post-celebration chaos often puts a strain on our beautiful floors. From nicks on hardwood floors to stubborn stains on carpets, we, at Ketter’s Burlington, WI, are here with handy flooring tips to help you keep your floors looking pristine year-round.

Essential Cleaning Guidelines

Play it cool on cleaning and maintenance

Hardwood floors, carpets or tiles each need their unique custom care. Carry out immediate spot cleaning in case of spills to prevent stubborn stains. For hardwood floors, avoid using excessive water or hard-bristled brooms. Consider using a soft mop for ceramic tiles and professionally clean your carpets at least once annually. Trust us; these simple cleaning practices protect your Burlington, WI, home from unnecessary wear and tear.

The Right Protective Measures

Take precautionary steps to prolong floor life

After-cleaning care is just as crucial for preserving the beauty of your floors. Place door mats at every entrance to trap dirt, moisture, and grime. Utilize protective pads under heavy furniture to prevent scratches on your hardwood floors. For carpeted areas, try using carpet protectors during high-traffic occasions.


Keep your Burlington, WI floors sparkling with Ketter’s tips

Maintaining pristine floors post-holiday can be a daunting task. But, with Ketter’s expert flooring tips, you can bid adieu to those after-party flooring worries. Our professional guide aids you in keeping your floors in Burlington, WI, as enchanting as they were pre-celebration.

Need more professional advice on floor maintenance and cleaning? Connect with our experts at Ketter’s Flooring in Burlington, WI, today. Let our team assist you in ensuring your floors look stunning throughout the year!